At Harvest we want to be a “church of next steps.” We have a variety of ministries to help people take their next step in following Jesus, which includes our Greenhouse College-Age Ministry. Greenhouse exist to help college-age young adults find guidance and support as they take their next steps in God’s plan for their lives. While everyone may not be attending full-time college at this stage of their lives, we do believe that God has a purpose for everyone. It is our mission at Greenhouse to provide a safe environment where college-age young adults can grow and explore the next steps God has in store for them.

Our purpose and our hope is that Greenhouse will be a ministry of relationships, not programs. At this time, much of our ministry is summer or Christmas break based. Although most of our students attend various colleges out of the Hoffman Estates area, we do have some students who attend area colleges and we do meet for food or other events. We also feel it is important not to create a “parallel universe” where college-age young adults only interact with others like them. It is part of Greenhouse’s mission to help college-age young adults connect to the broader church family, inviting them into meaningful relationships with those outside their own generation.

In many other churches, the ministry targeting this demographic is referred to as a “college ministry.” However, we refer to Greenhouse as a “college-age young adult ministry” because not everyone is meant to pursue a college education. There are many other wonderful directions that people can take and we want to affirm and include all of these. So whether you are a college student, in the military, in the workforce, or still trying to figure things out, if you consider yourself a college-age young adult then Greenhouse is for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.