If you would like to give online, we have fast and easy methods to do so through Chase QuickPay and clearXchange. Once we receive your emails via one of the methods below we can begin accepting your contributions.

Any contributions made via the methods above will be included in the contributions statements delivered annually. You can choose when, how much, and how often to submit donations to our church. For any other questions or assistance regarding this process please email give@harvest-community.org.

For Chase Bank members: 

Chase QuickPay is an online service with no service fees that allows Chase Bank members to send and receive funds. Those already enrolled with Chase QuickPay can use the give@harvest-community.org email address to give online after logging in.

If you’d like to enroll with Chase QuickPay, please go to the Chase QuickPay login page  and click on the box titled “Chase QuickPay” to complete the setup.

For clearXchange member banks:

There are currently six other banks which participate in the ClearXchange program —  Bank of America, Capital One, First Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo  and Frost Bank. If you bank with one of these institutions, you can send online financial gifts through your bank’s “person-to-person” payment service. Please direct  your contributions to give@harvest-community.org.

For all other banks:

If you do not bank with Chase or any of the other “clearXchange” member banks you can still participate in the online transfer of funds to HCC by signing up for this service at clearXchange.com.