Tov is the Hebrew word meaning “goodness”. Tov is a women-led advisory group with the mission to drive a culture of goodness and wellness at Harvest. Although Tov’s mission is not limited to women’s issues, we believe that elevating the voices and causes which impact women and children the most will also elevate the voices and causes of other vulnerable groups as well. The group currently includes women of varied experiences and backgrounds providing a diversity of perspectives in every conversation.

Mission: To drive a culture of goodness and wellness at Harvest by uplifting voices of the under-represented

Our priorities:

  1. Create an advisory for church policies protecting members, particularly women and children, from harassment, assault, and abuse.
  2. Create space to learn and have opportunities for open conversation, share experiences, and seek support around issues impacting spiritual, mental, and relational health.
  3. Cultivate a culture at Harvest that prioritizes protection, spiritual health, and wellness.