At Harvest, our youth group consists of our junior and senior high students (7th-12th grade). Although some people may consider these students young, we have some strong convictions about them and their maturity. We believe our students are able to own their faith.

With this conviction:

  • Our students join us in the main service every Sunday, except for the last Sunday of each month when we have our own service that is pastor led but student driven.
  • Our students gather together after service to eat lunch, hang out, break into small group/large group Bible study that is pastor led but student driven. We end by praying for one another.
  • Our students continually apply what we are learning by developing a mindset of “passing on” what we have learned to others.
  • Our students are involved in ministry and evangelism that they often take the initiative to lead. Presently, we volunteer at the Willow Creek Care Center every third Saturday of the month and we participate in the development and leadership of a short term Vacation Bible School in Tuba City Arizona.

Through the framework of “The Disciple’s Cross”, our desire is to be, to seek and to develop honest and devoted followers of Christ no matter what. Through the struggles of growing up, it is our prayer to become more like Jesus in our desires, our thoughts, our words and our actions. We realize this is no easy task. Our students face many personal, cultural and religious challenges at school, with their friends and in the many activities they participate in their daily lives.

If you or your student is interested in coming to The Vine, please let us know through contact us.