3Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
No one can measure his greatness.
4Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts;
let them proclaim your power….



When & Where is the retreat?

Trinity Christian College 
6601 W. College Dr. 
Palos Heights, IL

Retreat starts on Friday, June 28: 
Check-in opens at Martin & Janet Ozinga Chapel building at 2:00PM 
5:00-7:00PM Dinner
7:15PM 1st Session
Retreat ends on Sunday with lunch together

Getting there: 
We recommend coming early to beat the traffic and settle onto campus

From the North: Take I-294 southbound to the 127th Street exit; at  the stoplight, turn right; just over the bridge, turn right  onto Route 83; Trinity is about two miles ahead on the left, just past the stoplight at Ridgeland Avenue

Printable Campus Map: https://tcc.trnty.edu/maps/TrinityMapColor.pdf

Where can I park?
Campus is smaller than it looks on the campus map.  
Parking lots A (by the gym), C, D, E (by Ozinga), or H (by dining) are good places to park.

Lot K outside of Alumni Hall is only for handicap or 15-minute unloading parking. Do not park in the residence director’s spaces.

Where/What time is check-in? 
Check-in location is in the lobby of Ozinga Chapel at 2:00PM. 
If you arrive after the first session has ended and we are no longer in Ozinga Hall, please proceed to Alumni Hall and call Karyn (847) 877-4265.  Housing will be split between Alumni Hall and West Hall. 

What should I bring?
•       Bible, Journal, Pen, Open Heart!
•       Reusable / refillable water bottle, personal Toiletries, sunscreen, deodorant
•       Desired sports equipment, board games, etc…gym will be rented, but you must bring your own basketball/volleyballs
•       Portable crib, if needed. 


Who will be our guest speakers/outside volunteers?

Jason Min is the Lead Pastor of Citizens Church in Los Angeles. A Southern California native, Jason earned his B.A. in Communications and History at the University of Pennsylvania, his Masters of Education at Harvard University, and his M.A. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Prior to stepping into ministry, Jason pursued careers in education and music. His five love languages are music, coffee, diet coke, golf, and the Lakers. Jason and his wife Carol currently reside in Los Angeles with their two children, Avery and Jack. 


Joyce Koo Dalrymple is a pastor, author, speaker, and podcast host. She leads Refuge for Strength, a women’s ministry focused on spiritual formation and listening to God in community. A former television journalist and attorney, she frequently guest preaches at local churches and speaks at women’s events and retreats. Joyce received a BA from Stanford University, a JD from Boston College, and an MDiv from Metro Atlanta Seminary. She and her husband Tim have three daughters and live in Wheaton, IL. They adopted their youngest from China, and Joyce hosts a podcast called Adopting Hope about foster, adoptive and spiritual parenting.


I’ve led Monster Education Foundation for almost 11 years and have served in Lakeview Church’s children’s ministry for 8 years. I have an awesome husband Mike, and three teenagers: Matthew-17, Andrew-15, Samantha-13. 

Where are the meetings?
We will meet for the main sessions in Ozinga Chapel Building. 

Will childcare be provided during free time?
TBD – A short time of childcare on Saturday afternoon will be provided for ages three and older in the Ozinga Chapel Recital Hall.  Please refer to the schedule for childcare times.

Can someone come to service Sunday morning even if they are not registered for the retreat?
Yes, please encourage anyone you know who is not registered to still join us for Sunday morning service.  However, if they want to join us for lunch, we request that they RSVP by June 12th via email to retreat@harvest-community.org.


Where are we sleeping?
Your housing will be either assigned in Alumni Hall or West Hall.

How big is each suite?
Most suites have 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each and each suite has its own double sink, shower, toilet, closet and entry way.  Each suite has its own bathroom.  The sinks are in an open area, but the toilet has its own room/door and the shower has its own separate room/door. 

Alumni Hall suites have a couch.  West Hall suites do not have a couch.

Will I/we get a private suite?
If your family has 3 or more members then you will automatically have a private suite.  If you only have 2 or less on your registration form, we will pair you with a suitemate and you can request that on your form as well.  If you only have 2 or less on your registration form and still would like a private suite, then there is an additional $120 charge that you will need to submit either via zelle to admin@harvest-community.org or with a check using memo “retreat”

Will YG be housed with family or with each other? 
Youth Group students aged 12+ can be given their own dorm key / access card and housed with other students of similar age and same gender OR they can remain in your family’s suite. The youth suites will be interspersed between the suites of their families so that parents can share the responsibility of monitoring their rooms. There will not be youth only hallways at this year’s retreat. 

Can I request my roommate / suitemate? 
Those registered together will be housed together unless otherwise indicated. Example: if you register together with your adult child, then you will be house together unless otherwise noted here. If you do not make a request and you chose a shared suite option, a suite mate / roommate will be assigned to you so that we can maximize the housing options. 

Youth Group leaders will help to assign student rooms for those choosing to be housed with other students and not their family.

Do I need to bring linens?
Towels, sheets, light blanket, pillow, bar of soap, cup are provided.  You may wish to bring additional covers, pillows, or personal toiletries, if desired.  You may want to bring an extra blanket if you tend to get chilly.  In previous years, some have shared that the a/c was too strong but others prefer that so please pack accordingly.

What should I do with the linens at the end of the retreat?
Leave them in the suite they were originally in.

Are there bathtubs?
Yes, in West Hall. Please make sure to request West Hall if you need a bathtub. 

Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on campus.  Please make the appropriate arrangements for your pets and if you have recommendations on pet boarding places or pet sitters, please share on the church center app since the Harvest family has gained many pets over years.

Is there enough room for a portable crib?
Yes, if you would like to bring your own portable crib or pack n play, it will fit in the open / doorless closet space or in a room.

Is there a common area in the dorms to hang out?
Yes, each floor in Alumni Hall and West Hall have lounges and we recommend gathering there to socialize, fellowship, pray, praise, chill, play games, laugh, snack, be creative, etc…West Hall has a spacious basement and there is also a classroom on the first floor of Alumni Hall.

Can I go out on the balcony by the lounges?
At your own risk.  Do not go out there if you are alone because the door will lock automatically.  Please watch the children.

Can I move the furniture around?
If you move furniture around, move it back to the way it was originally after use.  The staff will unbunk the beds for us prior to arriving.  If it is not unbanked, please notify security and they will send someone to help with that.  Because these are bunkable beds, the height of the beds are not the same.  One is slightly higher than the other. 

Are there elevators?
Yes, there are 3 floors in Alumni Hall and 2 floors in West Hall with elevators. 

Where do I return my keys?
For checkout, there will be a large, clear plastic box in the lounge of each dorm building with a white lid with a large slit cut in the top of the lid that people may drop their keys in as they leave. There is a $100 fine for each unreturned key that will be billed to the person who doesn’t return.

What if I lose my suite key?
You will have to pay a $100 fine per key if not returned at the end of the retreat.


What meals are included?
Friday dinner through Sunday lunch meals will be served cafeteria style in the dining hall. Some light snacks will also be made available after the evening sessions. You must have your key card to scan for meal times. 

What if I have food allergies?
Dietary needs that are mentioned in the registration form will be passed onto the dining hall staff.  This college campus is accustomed to working with many college students with special dietary needs and will have enough options to accommodate the requests that were made during registration. If you have questions about a dish, politely ask the staff.  

Is there a refrigerator accessible if I want to bring my own food?
There are refrigerators available in the lounge on each dorm floor, but not in the suites.  Please remember to remove/dispose of your items before leaving.

Are there highchairs?
There are only a couple highchairs since this is a college campus so plan accordingly.   You may wish to bring a booster seat.  We request that strollers are left outside of the dining hall. 

Is there milk available?
There will be milk at each meal. 

Is there a microwave available?
There is a lounge on the dorm floors with a refrigerator and microwave.  Please label your items.  No other cooking appliances are allowed.   No cooking or homemade food allowed.  Only store bought items, but food is plentiful in the cafeteria so only light snacks needed for late at night. 

Are there water fountains?
Yes, so we recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle to use throughout the retreat weekend.  There are ELKAY water bottle filling stations across campus in most buildings.


Can I play sports?
Yes, but you need to bring your own equipment (racquets, balls, bats, mitts, etc…)

Basketball:  On Saturday afternoon, we will rent out the basketball courts in the DeVos Athletic Complex

Volleyball: a volleyball net will be setup in the indoor DeVos gym.

Table Tennis/Ping Pong: Only in West Hall basement.  Bring your own paddles & balls

Billards/Pool: one pool table in West Hall basement.

Softball: You may certainly use the outfield space of the baseball field and beyond that, as well as the softball field to the north of the Chapel, north of parking lot D, but it is the softball field that is shown closer to #2, which is the President’s House.  DO NOT USE the baseball field / infield area , as that is specially taken care of by the baseball coach and he is quite particular about it.

Kickball, misc: large grassy area behind Tibstra/Alumni Hall.  Do not use the football field at the high school next door.  There are plenty of grassy areas, such as the one outside of Alumni Hall that can be used for a friendly game of touch football.

Is there a playground nearby?
Yes, a public playground with swings, a slide, monkey bars, etc & full basketball courts located ½ block west of West Hall on Onekema Dr.

Is there a swimming pool?
No body of water on campus, but Palos Heights public pool is relatively nearby.


Is there anything else I should know?
Smile, have an open-heart and be ready to have a good time!
No bubbles, glitter, chalk allowed to be used which might cause damage.

Is there shuttle service available between buildings? 
If you have mobility issues, the retreat team will have a few golf carts and can help shuttle you between lodging and meeting locations.

What if there is an emergency? 
Call Security 24/7 at (708) 239-3722 only in case of a lockout or emergency/medical situation on campus. 

If there is a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911.