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1. What is the One Campaign, and how can I prepare myself?

The One Campaign is a three-year initiative, where we are committing as a church to stand together as we take our next steps into God’s calling for Harvest Community Church. The goals of the One Campaign are to renew our vision as a church, affirm our commitment to nurture the faith of our congregation, and raise our level of spiritual engagement with God and our community. Because our new building is not currently fit to accommodate our children’s ministry, we will raise funds for a major renovation of the middle section of our building. This new space will also provide a platform to help us meet the needs of our neighbors. In addition, we’ll be expanding our parking lot to meet the requirements set by the Village of Hoffman Estates and to accommodate our congregation safely. First, we invite you to commit yourself to pursuing a deeper relationship with God. Second, identify one person you care about with whom you can be more intentional as a friend and witness for Christ. Finally, prayerfully consider what amount God is calling you to sacrifice to contribute to our fundraising goal. 

2. What is our fundraising goal, and will it be enough? 

Our goal is to raise $2.3 million over the next 3 years to cover the cost of our selected construction projects. We believe this amount will be sufficient based on the bids we have received from several contractors, including one from our chosen contractor that includes a buffer for cost overruns. 

3. When does the One Campaign start, and how long will it last?

The One Campaign will launch on Sunday, April 7 and will last for 7 weeks, ending with Celebration Sunday on May 19. We will explore God’s calling for our church and our lives during this time. We will also prayerfully consider our financial commitment during this time and then give over the next three years.

4. What will we do with the funds raised, and why is it a priority?

Most of the funds will be used to convert the middle section of our building (currently occupied by our baseball team tenants) into a gym and classroom complex that will serve our children’s ministry on Sundays, and create new opportunities to serve our community during the week. We believe this is the most impactful way for us to fully utilize the building now.

Also, about a third of the funds will go to rebuilding and expanding our parking lot as well as exterior lighting, landscaping, and facade work. This will help us comply with Village of Hoffman Estates code and support our application to use the building for assembly. 

5. Would we consider paying off our mortgage first, then raising money for construction later?

We recognize that we should not carry long-term debt lightly. However, we believe that making these improvements to the building will provide much needed spaces for our children’s and youth ministry and maximize the impact of our building for our community, which is our priority at this time. If our fundraising goals are exceeded, one goal is to pay down our mortgage more quickly. 

6. What will happen to our current tenants?

Once we begin renovations in the middle section of the building, our baseball tenants will no longer be able to use that space. Their current rental contract expires in January 2025 and will be terminated once we begin construction. Waterfront Community Church’s lease of the end section expires in August 2024. We plan to use the sanctuary on Sundays starting in September and are in discussions to have them remain as tenants and move their worship service to Saturday evenings. 

7. What is the vision for the new building?

We want our building to be a safe and inviting home where our church family can grow together in worship and ministry. We also want it to be a warm place of welcome and a beacon of Jesus’ love for our community. We believe this building will help us establish a more significant presence in Hoffman Estates and serve as a model for each of us to use our own homes to serve Christ and His Kingdom. 

8. When do we expect construction to begin?

We will spend the spring and summer raising funds and planning our projects. We expect to begin the exterior projects this summer and the interior buildout as funds come in. 

9. Is there a possibility of moving to two worship services in the future?

We feel confident that the Village will approve our application for a permit to assemble at a level that will not require us to start off with two services. However, if we experience significant growth we will consider moving to multiple services. 

10. What measures are in place to ensure transparency in the use of funds raised during the campaign?

We are committed to transparency in tracking the way all campaign funds are disbursed. All vendors and contractors will be required to maintain detailed accounting records. The Finance Team will track project expenditures and provide regular reports with an appropriate level of detail. They will also issue regular updates on contributions to the campaign. 

11. What will happen if the Village does not grant the necessary permits for the building?

We believe that God has called us to occupy this building and serve this community and are confident He will get us approved. In the unlikely event that the Village does not grant the necessary permits, we will make the necessary adjustments to meet in our building within the limits set for us. This will likely require having a second service. Please pray that God shows favor on our application. If needed, we will appeal the decision through the proper channels.