Seeds Period of rest

Seeds will be taking a period of rest starting next Sunday, June 18th till Sunday, July 30th. This means that there will be no Seeds worship services or classes during this period. We want to give an opportunity for the Seeds Team to find rest in God as many have expressed a need for rest. This includes those who lead Seeds worship, Seeds Registration, and all those who serve as teachers and TA’s.

WHAT TO EXPECT FOR THE CONGREGATION: Families will sit together on Sundays during this period of rest. Services will be slightly shortened and be geared more towards helping all ages worship together.

FOR THE KIDS: Dry erase clip boards will be available at the Welcoming Table with coloring pages for preschool/kindergarten and sermon notes for 1-5th grade to help engage the children during worship. At the end of worship, children can go back to the Welcome Table, return their clipboards and show their finished coloring page/sermon note for a small prize each Sunday.

FOR THE PARENTS: If there is a quiet activity you would like to bring from home that would help your child remain in worship, please feel free to bring it. Let’s also take time to talk to our kids about worship and help them to see that we can worship God separately as well as together. They may need some redirection, but let’s help them stay engaged as best we can and trust that God will speak to all of us during this time.We hope this period will be an opportunity for families to grow together as they worship together. Let’s also keep praying for God to provide the next SEEDS Director.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Stan at for anything Sunday service related. Or if you have any Seeds questions, please contact Su at